Ant Removal & Prevention in Clovis

Are you seeing an unusual amount of ants in or around your property? It might be time to call in a professional for the relief you want, year-round.

Ants in Clovis, California

It is usually quite challenging to control ants, which the majority of us are likely already aware of from having to deal with an ant concern at some point.

Nevertheless, the better you understand the ants, the better chance you will have at fighting them and keeping them out for good.

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Identify the Access Areas

Many individuals are not lucky when it comes to determining where ants are getting in the property and this is due to the fact that they only require the smallest of openings to get inside your home. When they discover their way inside they will seek food, particularly sugary or greasy. For that reason they commonly end up in the cooking area or other locations where meals are prepared or stored.


Clovis Ant Tracks

Ants leave and follow scent trails which is an invisible chemical that they leave when trekking across a surface area. When they find a a supply of food they can then reverse and follow the path to the other ants.

Ant Nests & Colonies

Ants are not too fussy when it comes to where their nest is created, provided that it can’t be easily disrupted.

Colonies will normally have around 300,000 ants, or more, in a single colony. Regrettably, if they sense danger they are able to quickly relocate. Workers can live as long as seven years while queens can live up to 15 years.

Clovis Ant Solutions

Many people will first try to get rid of the ants themselves with store products or some other technique on their own. However, these aren’t always effective and you might not be using the right remedy for the type of ant in your home.

The faster you do something against intruding, unwanted ants, the quicker you can enjoy an ant-free home; phone (559) 335-4377 to see how Pest Control in Clovis can help!

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